Do you have high blood pressure? Are you in search of ways to deal with this health issue naturally? Look no further, these 10 natural remedies are just perfect to get rid of high blood pressure.

Before we list out these 10 natural remedies to get rid of high blood pressure, we would explain what high blood pressure is, symptoms and the causes of high blood pressure below.

What is high blood pressure? This is a condition whereby the pressure of your blood against your artery walls is constantly too high. This can lead to serious heart conditions that can lead to death if not treated.

Causes of high blood pressure

The exact reason or reasons for high blood pressure are still left undiscovered.

However, several things may play a role in one having high blood pressure. These factors are:



Being overweight or obese

Old age

The family history of high blood pressure

Lack of physical activity

Too much consumption of alcohol

Too much salt in your food

Chronic kidney disease

Sleep apnea

Adrenal and thyroid disorder

Symptoms of High blood Pressure

One of the major issues that could lead to death is that the symptoms of high blood pressure may not be evident.

As a matter of fact, a large percentage of people with high blood pressure may not know they have this health condition.

Therefore, it is very important to go for regular check up to check your blood pressure level.

However, an extremely high blood pressure level can present the following symptoms below:

Chest pain.

Irregular heartbeat.

Blood in the urine.

Problem with your vision.

Severe headache.



Breathing difficulty.

Pounding in the chest, neck or ears.

Food to reduce high blood pressure

We all know we are what we eat, therefore it is only important to eat the right things to stay healthy.

So, what food can one take to reduce high blood pressure? See them below

Leafy greens

They are rich in potassium which includes: Spinach, Beet greens, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, etc. Potassium aids the kidneys to get clear away sodium through your urine.

This singular function helps to lower your blood pressure.


Berries are rich in natural compounds called flavonoids which are known to preventing high blood pressure and also prevent hypertension.


They are high in fiber. They are also low in sodium and fat and this can lower your blood pressure level.


Banana is a healthy source of potassium and potassium are known for reducing your blood pressure level.

Fish rich in Omega-3s

Fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

This omega -3 fatty acids can reduce the blood pressure level, reduce inflammation, and lower triglycerides.

Foods to avoid with high blood pressure

There are foods you should also avoid when dealing with high blood pressure. These foods are:

Foods that contain a high level of salts such as vegetable juices, deli meat, frozen pizza, canned soup, and bottled tomato products.


Excessive sugar intake has been linked to high blood pressure.

Therefore, ensure you avoid it.


Taking a small amount of alcohol may have a way of reducing your blood pressure level. However, taking an excessive amount of alcohol can also increase your blood pressure level.

In addition, In addition, alcohol is filled with a large number of calories and this can affect your liver. Which can lead to weight gain?

You should note that being overweight or obese has been linked to high blood pressure.

Packaged fast food

People with high blood pressure should avoid packaged food which is filled with trans fats and high in saturated fat such as red meat, chicken skin, full-fat, etc.

These foods can lead to an increase in high blood pressure.

Here are the 10 Natural Remedies to get rid of High Blood Pressure:

Get rid of the fat

Your blood pressure increases as your weight increases. Being overweight has a lot of disadvantages and high blood pressure is one of them.

This is because being overweight can lead to disrupted breathing while you are asleep and this can lead to sleep apnea. While sleep apnea is also a cause of high blood pressure.

This explains why weight loss is one of the major ways of getting rid of high blood pressure.

Aside from shedding weight, you should also watch your waistline also. Having a lot of weight around your waistline can make you prone to high blood pressure.

Therefore, the ideal waistline for a man is not greater than 40 inches (102 centimeters).

While for ladies, the ideal waistline should not be greater than 35 inches (89 centimeters).



Use essential oils for high blood pressure

A study done in 2012 discovered that essential oil can be used to get rid of high blood pressure. Essential oil can be very effective when used alone or when used with other oil.

One of the essential oils that can be used to get rid of high blood pressure is clary sage which can be used to reduce anxiety and can be used for high blood pressure treatment.

You can also use citronella which can be used to get rid of stress and this, in turn, get rid of high blood treatment.

Also, bergamot essential oil can be used to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. It works when it is diffused and inhaled for 15-60 minutes

You can also use Jasmine oil. This essential oil can help calm down your body while giving you positive emotions.

It reliefs you of stress, annoyance, anxiety, anger, and depression. This function automatically has an effect on lowering your high blood pressure.

Another important essential oil for high blood pressure is lavender oil. This is generally known for its therapeutic functions.

This oil has several health benefits such as: reducing heart rate and blood pressure. It also increases the amount of wave in the brain.

You can also make use of rose oil as high blood pressure treatment. This oil helps to deal with emotional and hormonal issues in the body.

Lemon oil can also one of the 10 natural remedies to get rid of high blood pressure. It is commonly used to treat heart-related issues such as heart palpitations, tachycardia, and heart attacks.

It also contains some strong antidepressant properties. These properties help to improve mood and also reestablishes the balance of emotions.

Valerian oil root is an essential oil that eases nervous tension, heart palpitations, insomnia, and hyperactivity. It is also great at calming your nervous system.

It is best to use this oil at bedtime in order to get a good night rest. This helps to get rid of high blood pressure.

These essential oils are very effective however, you should never take it orally. Instead, you are to infuse it into the air, or inhale it for breathing, or use it as a rub.

Reduce your sodium intake

A reduction in your sodium intake can go a long way in getting rid of high blood pressure. Reduction of your sodium intake can improve the health of your heart.

The reduction of your sodium intake varies from one person to the other. However, the standard measurement is to reduce it to 2,300 milligrams (mg) a day or less.

There are useful tips you should utilize to reduce your sodium intake and they are:

Reduce your intake of processed foods.

Ensure you read your food labels in order to know the food content.

Reduce it gradually. Don’t just cut down your food intake suddenly because you might fall back to taking even more salt. So, cut it gradually.

Reduce your stress

Extreme stress can lead to an increase in one’s blood pressure.

This is because extreme stress or chronic stress can lead to developing bad habits like eating unhealthy food, smoking and drinking much alcohol.

Therefore, it is important you reduce your stress level by doing the following:

Only focus on things you have control over. Stop thinking of things you can’t handle.

Identify what your stress triggers are and avoid them.

Make out time to relax and participate in activities you enjoy doing.

Practice the spirit of gratitude.

Use herbs for high blood pressure.

There are some certain herbs you can use to reduce high blood pressure. However, ensure you consult your Doctor before using these herbs below.


This is a well-known herb which you can use to get rid of high blood pressure, especially in China.

It has other health benefits which are:

Celery helps to regulate your blood pressure.

It reduces muscle spasms.

It contains antiseptic properties which help to relieve or get rid of urinary tract infection.

Celery also helps to reduce pain and discomfort from gout and arthritis.


Carrot is a healthy vegetable which can also serve as an herb to get rid of high blood pressure. This is because carrots contain two types of coumarin glycosides.

These components can help decrease blood pressure levels by blocking the calcium channels.

Carrots provide other health benefits which are:

It promotes the health of your eyes.

It promotes a healthy heart.

Carrots also fights away cancer.

It improves your brain health and mental functions.

It improves digestion.


This is a delicious herb that can be used to improve the taste of food. Basil is used to lowering blood pressure. This is due to the chemical eugenol, which can be found in basil.

This may help in blocking certain substances that stiffen the blood vessels. Also, this can lead to a reduction of blood pressure in the body.


It is also known that cinnamon can be used to reduce high blood pressure in the body.


This herb is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. It is known for reducing high blood pressure.

It provides other benefits of reducing serum cholesterol, acts as an antioxidant and reduces glucose tolerant.


Ginger may also help in getting rid of high blood pressure.

It also helps in relaxing the muscles which surround the blood vessels.

Use garlic remedies for high blood pressure

Garlic is an herb which is well known for so many benefits. It helps get rid of high blood pressure due to the presence of allicin.

Garlic contains natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. It helps to reduce or lower your cholesterol level naturally. It boosts your immunity level due to the anti-bacterial properties.

Garlic also prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Above all these, it can lower your blood pressure level without no side effects on your body organs.


You can eat 1 to 4 cloves of fresh garlic daily. But, if you don’t like the smell of the garlic, you can add the garlic to your dish.

You can also purchase pure allicin supplements. Ensure you take it according to the manufacturer’s dosage instructions.

If you go for a garlic extract, ensure you take 600 to 1200 mg divided into three doses in a day.

Take Beet juice

Beet juice may just be one of the natural remedies to get rid of high blood pressure. Other benefits of beet juice are that it promotes the health of your skin. This is because of the presence of vitamin c in this fruit.

It is a natural way to detox naturally. This is because beet juice flushes out every form of any form of a harmful substance in the body.

It also boosts your body’s energy and stamina. This is because beet juice aids in opening the blood vessels and therefore it improve the flow of oxygen in your body.

This simple act makes you feel more energetic and active.

It is also great for digestion. This is because of the presence of fiber in beet.

Plus, it is also rich in betaine, which is very beneficial to the health of your digestive organs.

Here is how to make beet juice

Get beet



Clean it up and cut it into pieces

Blend it and add water when needed

Pour out the juice and enjoy.

Quit smoking

It is general knowledge that smoking is bad for your health. It has so many negative side effects and one of such is the increase in blood pressure.

Therefore, it is only important you quit smoking to get rid of high blood pressure.

In addition, quitting smoking also provides some other benefits for your body which are: it improves the health of your heart and it improves the overall health of your heart.


Cut down on your intake of caffeine

Although there is no concrete evidence to show the effects of caffeine. However, long term intake of caffeine can slightly increase your blood pressure level.

Therefore, it is only smart or logical to reduce your caffeine intake to treat high blood pressure.

Increase your magnesium intake

Magnesium is a great mineral which can help to relax your blood muscles. It can also naturally get rid of high blood pressure in the body.


So, you should take food rich in magnesium such as legumes, salmon, green leafy vegetables, etc.

In conclusion, ensure you follow these tips above and watch your blood pressure level reduce.


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