There is no specific technique that you need to know during relaxation massage. You can turn into a massage guru with a few tips to learn the secret of your work.

Here are a few easy steps to relax massage techniques:
First of all, find the correct room temperature; neither too hot nor too cold should be. Consider the body cooling during massage.

Focus on the neck, shoulder and back by paying attention to the hard surface of the massage.

Get started with gentle massage movements. Go back to the shoulders and back to the waist. Try to make harder, but still gentle movements when applying to the shoulders.


Use the inside of your palm throughout the entire application. You can increase your movements after a certain drive.

You can concentrate more on your shoulders, these areas are more tired during the day and easily affected by your movements. You can extend the time even further when you are working on your shoulders. In addition, pressing your thumb to certain acupuncture points will make it easier to relax.

Spinal cord and spinal cord are more sensitive to other areas, may require a professional intervention, so try to stay away from those areas. It will be enough to try to relax muscle fibers while working in that area.

All kinds of uzuv massage starts with heating movements. If you have a problem with these areas, find the painful area and try to loosen it by opening it with your thumb and thumb back and forth motions.


The important things you need to know to perform facial massage is that the massage must be completed with completely relaxing, gentle and long movements. For this reason, during facial massage, move in the direction of the muscles, gently tighten the skin you catch and relax by pressing the bones of the face.

Finish the massage with gentle movements, gently swipe your fingers from the middle of the forehead or relax the neck area one last time.

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